SDG Foundation is implementing a global high-tech based grant program that accelerates Human transformation via the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Called the SDG Grant Program, it is structured according to the regional groups of member states of the United Nations:


SDG Africa, SDG Asia-Pacific, SDG Eastern European, SDG Latin American and Caribbean, SDG Western European


SDG Africa Grant Program.

Designed  and established to advancements Universal alignment with and adoption of the UN SDGs in Africa, the SDG Africa Grant Program is the first of our SDG Grants and has four categories:

1. Environment & Climate Change

2. Economic Development

3. Gender Equality

4. Universal Social Justice


Our first grant, SDG Environment Grant Program, focuses on environmental issues.


SDG Environment Grant is required to be metric driven and must provide evidence of impact.

SDG Environment Grant also requires that 95% of all funds go directly to low income citizens participating in the program.


If you feel your project qualifies for this grant opportunity, please email contact SDG Foundation CEO Theo Cosmora at:

Humanity is part of Nature

"Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty."

- Albert Einstain

We have forgotten we are part of Nature and with this, destroy the very fabric of 

Habitat's Influence

As Humans have become more technologically savvy and as our habitats have become more urbanized - our connection with nature has become weaker.


Thus more and more people have forgotten we are part of Nature.


We need a transformation in our way of thinking to remind our connection with and part of Nature. 

Transforming Our Habitat

We don't have to leave cities to experience Nature and remind ourselves we are part of Nature. We can transform our urban habitats to become more natural - and this has already started to happen. Our task is daunting however: In the world today:

1. One in eight people or 1 billion people on earth live in slums.

2. 55% of people in Africa live in slums

3. 28% of people in Asia live in slums.

4. 21% of people in Latin America and the Caribbean live in slums.

5. 20% of slum households are headed by women who are the poorest and most vulnerable.

Climate Change and The Hot Age

As Earth's climate get's hotter, there is an increase in the number of fire disasters and number or droughts. Worldwide, hotter than normal temperatures and drought across all regions including northern Europe and North America in 2018 resulted in wildfires which in turn contribute to higher levels CO2 and hotter temperatures.


The cycle is inevitable and will continue to result in higher temperatures, dryer lands, increased number of droughts and increased levels of CO2.

The Plastic Problem

Our plastic problem has reached such levels that it is now a genuine threat to Humanity's future.

Plastics and their byproducts are littering our cities, oceans, and waterways, and contributing to health problems in humans and animals.

Nearly all plastics leach poisons. Not only do these poisons harm our environment, but when used with food and drink products, cause serious problems especially with children.

Ocean Plastic

Plastic doesn't belong in our environment and certainly not in our oceans which we share with millions of marine life species.  

Every year our man-mad ocean plastic pollution kills millions of marine life. For obvious reasons this cannot continue.


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