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Enabling Positive Transformation with Conscious Business

SDG Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating Sustainability-focused Conscious Business.


Conscious Business is a business which seeks to benefit human beings, Planet Earth and all its Stakeholders in a sustainable manner. The universal framework for Conscious Business is the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals - or SDGs.

On the basis Humanity's existence and activities on planet Earth are currently not sustainable, we initiate and fund SDG transition projects and their related research in key SDG sectors.

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SDG Foundation believes the root cause of Humanity's challenges is what we can call Empathic Deficiency - ED - the widespread inability to imagine ourselves in another's position. Consequences of ED range from planetary sustainability challenges, societal mental health problems, economic inclusion imbalances and zoonotic diseases such as pandemics caused by our abuse of animals. 

We are establishing an experienced and committed team of Empathic Entrepreneurs, Sustainability Experts, Social Business Professionals, Social Venture Investors and Transformation Innovators.

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How we help organizations and social entrepreneurs do what they do to achieve the SDGs.

We connect with Sustainability event networks to showcase the best of what is available.

Get in touch to learn how you can be better at what you do by incorporating the SDGs into your business, vision and life.

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